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The October SLT meeting has been rescheduled for Tuesday, October 24, 2017 at 6:00 p.m. in the Principal's Conference Room.


Work Base Learning

The Work Based Learning program is designed to allow you to experience the world of work, while earning WBL Hrs for your CTE Diploma. The emphasis in the name of the program is on learning, not working, so be prepared to learn about yourself (and what happens at work) along the way.

WBL  is set up as a pass/fail requirement, however - there are more components to completing your WBL Hrs than just submitting paperwork or assigments. This site contains various assignments that you will need to complete and submit electronically or in person. You may complete the assignments all at once, once a month, or as frequently as you would like, but all of the required assignments need to be completed by the last Friday in May. 

  New York State WBL Requirements for a "Passing Grade" varies according to your age and which program you are participating in.  The following table provides a description of ITHS program:


Program   Age Paid|Unpaid   Credits & 
Related Instruction  
Relate to Career Assignments| Instruction 
Career Exploration Internship Program



.5 |  54 hrs.

broken into 3 school years by CTE Academy


8 Assignments
plus submission of a reflective journal

WBL BrochureScreen_shot_2013-12-13_at_6.08.58_PM.png